Tuesday, December 15, 2009



i still can't think of what to say!!!


well this is all i got for now...


gawd is it late...

i'll make sure i write the real blog when i'm not too high...

excuse me ...
my mind is malfunctioning at the moment...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Weird = Unique

A lot of people have branded me “weirdo” these past few months. Some say it reflects upon my interests and personality. Some say that it’s with the way I act. Most call me “weirdo” for unexplainable reasons. A lot of my teachers have advised me to consult a psychologist, some of them get to talk to my parents about my behavior. People have said I have a tendency to be… let’s not call it retarded, mentally challenged, probably – which I find weird, because in my point of view, I think and act normal. There’s just something about me that’s better off not discovering, but I don’t think it affects the way I behave at all.

I know someone who’s been called weird by her friends behind her back. They called her weird because not much people of her age act like she does. She has always been too conservative – which I think is a good thing. She, unlike most of us, doesn’t profane oath. She does not keep up with the joneses, because she doesn’t try to. She stays the way she is.

In my defense, I think that people should remove the word “normal” from their vocabularies. Everybody has their own dogmas and demeanors. There’s no such thing as normal height or normal cup size, and I’m not saying this because I’m stout or because I possess a flat board chest (which I don’t), because everybody is built differently.

Calling somebody weird is like tantalizing somebody for asking for the impossible right after asking them to donate inches, or disdain somebody for asking the obvious right after you asked somebody of their gender.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Played Enzai, And Finished It!

OMG really? What did you play? Oh, yes! I played Enzai.

If you don't know what Enzai is, you don't wanna know. Trust me. But yeah, well, let's let you know.

Enzai is a visual novel by Langmaor or Jast, I think. It's a story about this kid Guys. He was falsely accused and raped and blah blah blah...

Honestly, what kind of game is this? It was supposed to be a visual novel so normally, you read then you flip, like a book. But this, it's different! You press enter, press space to see the whole image, drop your jaw and then close your mouth again. Regardless to if you were a moe or a goody-two-shoes, you're always going to stop and stare, because clearly, it's what you should expect from porn.

Not only is it porn, the characters insert EVERYTHING they see into Guys' butt. Wine bottle, whip, mop, what's next? Lit candle? Mobile phone? My pebble Samsung S2 mp3 player? And what's with Durer's hobbies? Shooting guys' dicks off? One chapter made me hate chocolate for the rest of my life!

This game, honestly is senseless! I mean what is the moral lesson of this game, anyway? Probably something from "Don't go walking around vacant lots (which Guildias calls a PLOT) during rainy days", "Don't stomp on tall people's foots", "Don't go masturbating with your lawyer in court otherwise your friends will delude you", "Prisons in France are like schools, where they have a library, and you can go out of your cell any time", "Pedophiles SUCK at singing and decorating Christmas trees...or... ehem... humans", to "Hot guys have fat 'things' as their fathers". Let's face it, no matter what ending you get, there is no message.

I don't even understand how I managed to finish this game. It's so... so... see? Words don't even have the right to explain the things I've went through playing this game. It's worse than Otoya's button which is "shaped like a trapezoid and can suppress thirst" or Mikoto's "leather shoe tactics".

Still, there are these questions that keep haunting me : Why does this Belbet guy - who is kind of sexy - have to be so retarded? Why did Jose rape a nun because he hated her? Why does Io not have balls at all? That thing is Durer's father?! What's up with "Make a hole in my guts, Darling"?, And why does this game suck so much?

Seriously. The. Worst. Game. Ever...

But if you think the game is bad enough, you should know better. Let's talk about the anime.

1. It has awesome animation and they don't walk like they have balloons between their legs... not.

2. Vallewida. How can he (or she) do all those things with his hands tied behind his back? How did he wear that dress? AND WHY IS HE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I AM!

3. Durer. Enough said.

4. Lusca. He's too good to be true.

5. Guildias. Isn't he too loyal to be a pedophile?

6. Guys. One word. Whore.

While the game sucks cow nipples, the anime sucks... whatever is worse than cow nipples. Everything is wrong wrong, wrong this, wrong that, with any angle, IT.IS.WROOOOOOONG!!!

Although the characters are kind of hot.

Especially Durer Ashford.

...and Guildias Balfour...